Monday, December 12, 2011

First Post

I began knitting almost five years ago (maybe 4 and 3/4s) out of a desire to make something for a friend.  Prior to this first time knitting, I'd been a sewer.  I enjoyed it, but sewing wasn't portable like knitting.

The switch has blossomed into a passion that is quite enjoyable for me.  The choices of yarn and patterns seem endless.  Being able to take my knitting projects with me, to most places, has been a great experience.  It opens the door to talk to folks, who are intrigued by knitting or are a knitter themselves.  Friendships have developed because of knitting ~ a common activity weaving us together!

Here, I hope to journal my knitting experiences, post current and future projects, and share in others experiences. 

Hope you'll come back!

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