Friday, February 3, 2012

First Redesign

Found a pattern for wristlets on Lion Brand just before Thanksgiving that I really liked.  Went shopping for the yarn and needles ~ what an ordeal that was.  Found the yarn just fine, but it was a style of wool blend that would make me itch like CrAzY.  So I thought, "No big deal; check the weight of the yarn and find something I like better!"  Much to my relief, Home Spun is a very similar weight.  One problem solved.  Yee ha!

Next problem was finding double pointed needles in size 4.5 mm (No.7) and 5.5mm (No.9)  Thankfully, a knitting friend loaned me her No. 7's and I could get started.  Found No. 7's & 9's at Joanne's finally (not shopping elsewhere for needles anymore, nope, not going to do it.  I'll go to Joanne's first).

Well, after making the wristlets, pretty close to the pattern the first time round, they just didn't work.  My modifications were to big!  I had other craft projects to accomplish for Christmas and mittens to make for my two boys in January.  Come the end of January I ripped the knitting apart and began again, tweaking as I went along, and hoping I didn't change it so much that I would need to add yarn to my balls.  BIG sigh, finished one the other day, with yarn left over.  Have the stitches cast on for the second one and hope to be finished in the next few days.

When finished, I'll photo graph them and type out my instructions.

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