Friday, March 2, 2012

Wristles are finished!

The first set anyway!  Following is my modified "Dolce Fingerless Gloves" from Lion Brand.

One skein of Homespun yarn
Set of Double Pointed Needles - Size 7
Set of Double Pointed Needles - Size 9
Ring Stitch Markers
Large Eye blunt Needle

With smaller needles cast on 32 stitches.  Divide evenly among three needles and join making sure not to twist sts.
Work in K2, P2 rib until item measures 2 inches.
Switch to larger needles as you knit the round (St. st.); continue this stitch for 5 inches.

Thumb Gusset:
Rnd 1 (Inc Rnd): k1, place marker (pm), M1, k6, M1, pm, k to end of rnd - 34 sts.
Rnd 2 - 4: knit
Repeat Rnd 1 - 4 three more times - 40 sts at the end
Repeat Rnd 1 & 2 one more time - 42 sts.
Next Rnd: k1, remove makrer, k1, bind of 12, k1, remove marker, k to end of rnd
Next Rnd: k1, cast on 4 sts over bound off sts over bound off sts of previous rnd, k to end of rnd - 32 sts
Knit 4 rounds
Change to smaller needles and work in k2, p2 rib until piece measures 10 inches.

 ETA: finally got the photo up!

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