Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baby Blanket

Have begun my first baby blanket since beginning this blog.  No formal pattern, but I intend it to be a 9 panel blanket that I whip stitch the various pieces together.  Each piece will be made out of "Hometown USA" yarn by Lion Brand and is 27 stitches wide by 36 rows.  The center block I used Los Angeles Tan in a basket weave.  The remaining blocks are San Diego Navy and Oklahoma City Green, four of each color, done in Stockinette Stitch.

When I have all the blocks finished, I'll decide if I want all the border pieces to have knit side out or alternate knit and purl so that the blanket has more texture.  As of this posting, I have the center block tan, basket weave and a blue stockinette stitch block finished.  I am about half way through the first green box.  I'm guessing I may need three skeins of the blue and green, each.  The tan only needed one and I should have enough left over for the whip stitching the pieces together.

FWIW:  there is a similar pattern on Lion Brand and possibly elsewhere.  I made a basic 9 block blanket, a number of years ago, that was made with Home Spun, all knit stitch and only two colors (from Lion Brand).  There, I made 4 of each color, then decided which color I wanted to have 5 blocks and which I wanted to have four.  It was from this pattern that I experimented and came up with the design I am working on know.  May play around on other designs to create an argyle pattern that crosses over several boxes.

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