Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long over due

I finished another baby blanket and passed it along, I think on January 6th.  And let me just say this will be the worst "how to" type post ever written.

     Why you ask?  Here's a few reasons:
  1. Late in posting ~ check
  2. Forgot to measure overall project before giving gift ~ check
  3. Can not find the sleeves from the skeins, so no color or brand of yarn (a new one to me!) ~ check
  4. Forgot what size needle I used (but can figure it out, I think) ~ check
If you'll let that slide, here is what I can go over:
  1. I knit with both ends so it's twice as thick..  Not really to difficult to manage the skein of yarn.  Just as easy as if you were using just one end.
  2. I cast on 110 stitches of "Blueberry" ~ the darker blue.
  3. From there, I knit one side and purled the other to create a stocking stitch
  4. Once the skein got close to the end, I unraveled what was left, found the "center" of what was left, and cut the ends to be very uneven.  Did this because I wanted  mixture of first color and second color before moving totally to the second color.  Not sure if I first joined the inside tail of the skein or outside tail.  In the long run, doesn't matter to much because you'll end up using both.
  5. Kept knitting a row and purling a row with the second color (the tan shade) until just about finished and repeated the above steps of straightening out and joining the third color (the light blue).
  6. Knit and purled the rows until I had just enough to cast off.  At some point, I figure out how much yard I need to complete a row and figured out how many more rows I could do.  Think I finished the blanket with 6 inches of yarn left!
Here are various pictures for you:
Alone the center, you can see where the Blueberry and tan are joined together.
It was a very pretty effect.  If I were to repeat something like this, I'd go for more of the two colors.
For the first go around, this turned out well though.

Love the overall look!  So pretty!

Kind of close up!

I'll see what I can do to figure out the size needles, brand of yarn and colors for the tan and light blue soon.  Now I'll move onto other projects!

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  1. The yarn is by Caron and is called "Simply Soft". The lighter blue is called "Soft Blue", the tan color is called "Bone", and the darker blue is called "Blueberry". As this yarn is a bit more silky, I would recommend leaving longer tails when joining two colors, then weave in the ends. It seemed to un ravel easily when I ran it through the wash.