Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day and Knitting

Hi all -

We've been getting snow, in March, since sometime after midnight today.  It's a wet, soggy, kind of snow.  Melts as soon as it hits your car or the street or the sidewalk.  Enough of a pain to close the public schools and government.  Home schools and Kevin's work are still open and work being done.

As we wrapped up school awhile ago, shoveled, consumed some hot chocolate, thought I should showcase another project completed.

Today's posting is a revamped wristlet, again.  Here is the post to the original pair I made.  I have remade mine one time to take out the thumb gusset portion, which made them a bit more snug.  They turned out well, but still a bit big.

 Around Christmas, a friend asked me to make a pair for her.  Her hands are a little smaller than mine, so I took out 4 stitches, from the revamped set, as the ribbing is a four stitch pattern (knit 2, purl 2).  Hope they work well for her.  Also, I plan to use the left over skein to make a scarf to go along with these.

I may do mine once again!  :)  Only after two other projects and possibly a third as I just received a bunch of Homespun!  GOT to make something with that!

Anyway, here is what these look like:
 I started with the one on the right, the then one on the left.
This is one thing I like about Homespun is how the colors change.  Always
makes for a beautiful knit project.  By far my favorite yarn to work.

Now if someone wanted to give me a large selection of other yarn,
I would gladly make things to see if I could be won over by something else.
Not sure who is will to donate some yarn though!  :(

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